Argan oil & 6 reasons to start using it

Argan Oil on Your Face When most of Kenyan women think of argan oil, they think of shiny, bouncy hair. But did you know it has amazing benefits for your skin, too? Here are 6 benefits of using argan oil 1. Argan oil is packed with the good…

How To Use Moisturizer On Your Face

Are you using moisturizer the right way or are you just wasting it and not getting the benefits of using moisturizer

Treatment for Adult Acne what causes it & cure

Many Kenyans both women and men believe that acne is only gotten by teenagers but its not true acne isn’t just for teens many people have adult acne,what do you do when you have adult acne?

How to Choose Moisturizer for Oily Skin

How a Skin Moisturizer Works Cleansers and moisturizers are the most important skin care products, particularly for softening dry skin. A skin moisturizer works by sealing moisture into the outer layer of the skin and by pulling moisture from…

Skin Types

Skin Types Do you know your skin type? Give your face a thorough cleaning and let it air dry for twenty minutes. Take a tissue and wipe your t-zone area. The amount of oil that shows up on the tissue is your general skin type. More oil?…