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5 Reasons Why Your Acne Treatment isn’t Working

Acne Treatment

5 Reasons Why Your Acne Treatment isn’t Working

Nothing is more frustrating to Kenyan women and men then applying heavy-duty acne cream before bed, then waking up to the same huge acne pimple you said goodnight (and you thought goodbye) to. To figure out why your acne treatments don’t calm, dry, and shrink your acne blemishes the way they promise to, we explain what to do before and after you pile on your acne treatement to make sure that it works.

1..Your Skin Isn’t Clean Before You Apply

The cleaner your skin is, the easier it is for the acne treatment to penetrate pores and the faster it can dry out your acne pimple read more on why to use a skin cleanser here. But using an acne treatment that’s too harsh can aggravate existing acne blemishes. Opt for a gentle formula like the acne dermaperfection cream made with natural ingredients like salicylic acid (a gentle exfoliator) and willow bark (an anti-irritant that helps calm acne breakouts) to keep skin balanced and receptive to acne treatment.

2..Your Pores Are Clogged

When your skin’s exfoliation cycle slows down, pores get clogged—that buildup prevents your acne treatment from penetrating your skin. The obvious fix: Use an exfoliator 1-2 times every week to turn over cells and deep clean pores,you can use our dermaperfection natural clay exfoliator. The pro-grade crystals in dermaperfection natural clay Scrub whisk away dead cells while the natural clay helps renew skin, allowing your acne-treatment product easy access to attack and heal your acne blemish.

3..You’re Applying Too Little

Some Kenyan women and men are on the side of less when applying potent acne treatment products, afraid of irritation, but you need a generous amount to see results. So go ahead, pile on that acne treatment—you might look ridiculous but there’s no such thing as too much. Use your fingertips to apply it to your acne problem areas as often as needed—you can even reapply dermaperfection acne cream over your makeup throughout the day. Just make sure your fingers are clean so you don’t add more bacteria to those acne-prone areas.

4..You’re Not Using Enough Moisturizer

It’s a common misconception in Kenya that moisturizer can make skin more oily. It’s actually essential to restore your skin’s natural oil production, which will help prevent breakouts in the first place. Apply a lightweight formula like forever bright lemon cream Moisturizer evenly over skin (especially those acne spots you’ve been drying with the acne treatment) after cleansing and before applying makeup to simultaneously create a protective barrier against acne-causing toxins and bacteria.

5..Your Lifestyle Is Sabotaging Its Success

No matter how potent your acne treatment is, if your stress level is a 13 out of 10 or you’re not eating the nutrient-rich foods your body needs, it won’t be as effective because the balance of your skin is out of whack. Eating right, exercising, and drinking lots of water helps keep your complexion healthy and allows your acne product to do its job.

Lastly if you are doing all the above five steps then its the right time to change to our dermaperfection acne cream that you can buy here.

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