Acne Prevention

Acne Prevention

Acne prevention might seem impossible to most Kenyan woman, there are steps you can take at home to keep acne from getting worse.

Here are the steps to acne prevention

1..Gently wash and care for your skin every day. Avoid scrubbing too hard or washing too often,and if possible use a liquid wash instead of soap like our dermaperfection liquid wash.

  • Make sure your cleanser is suited for your skin. Select a hypoallergenic or acne-formulated product. A highly perfumed, harsh soap will often make acne worse.
  • The following are excellent and usually widely available: Cetaphil, Dove Sensitive, Neutrogena brand cleansers,Basis,and our very own dermaperfection liquid wash. However, there are many “store brands” that may be less expensive and about as good. If you can afford them, higher-end brands like Boscia, Fresh, and Murad are good.

2..Use special care in selecting a cleanser if your skin is dry or oily. Both extremes need special care.

  • Too much washing is sometimes as bad as not enough. Acne is not caused by dirty skin. Washing once in the morning, once at night, and if the face is very sweaty or to wash off makeup is plenty. Too much washing can irritate acne, actually making it worse.
  • Dry skin can benefit from a face wash or soap that is oil-based or contains a moisturizer.
  • Oily skin does not usually need extra moisturizer in its cleanser. However, be careful not to go extremely drying, either. If your face feels tight after washing, the cleanser may be too harsh.

3..Avoid heavy sweating if you think it causes your acne to get worse. Wash soon after activities that cause you to sweat.

4..Wash your hair often if your hair is oily. Try to keep your hair off of your face.

5..Avoid hair care products such as gels, mousses, cream rinses, and pomades that contain a lot of oil.
6..Avoid touching your face–Your hands are breeding grounds for bacteria because we use them to touch so many things. Touching your face is a big no-no because it cuts down on bacteria transmission. The less bacteria on your face, the lower your chances that you’ll develop nasty breakouts.
7..Wear soft, cotton clothing or moleskin under sports equipment. Parts of equipment, such as chin straps, can rub your skin and make your acne worse.
8..Avoid exposure to oils and harsh chemicals, such as petroleum.
9..Protect your skin from too much sun.

And if all the above acne prevention tactics don’t work you can try our dermaperfection acne cream that you can buy here.

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