Best Body Lotion for Men in Kenya

Best body lotion for men

The Kenyan skincare market has for a very long time been only centered on the Kenyan woman leaving the kenyan man with limited options that are of poor quality and of no value to them giving the Kenyan man no other option but to give up on buying skincare products and reason why skincare.co.ke has brought to the Kenyan skincare market the Don body lotion and below are some of the reasons why the Don body lotion is the best for the kenyan man.

The Don body lotion’s Ingredients

One of the things that make the don stand out is  the ingredients that are used to make the don and before we get into mentioning some of them we will briefly mention why ingredients that make up a men’s body lotion are important.

The first thing you notice about most men’s skincare products is the long string of words you don’t understand. They’re supposed to be great for your skin the basic compounds that you’ll see in higher-quality male skincare products:

Alcohols: There’s a broad family of alcohols used in skin products. Some are made from ethyl alcohol and are astringents — chemicals that scour your skin. These can be harsh and shouldn’t be used in more than very small quantities. Milder “fatty” alcohols like lanolin (the chemical that gives sheep’s wool its distinctive scent and water-resistance) help strengthen and moisturize skin.

Alpha hydroxy acids: AHAs are a mild acid that help clear away dead skin cells and smooth your skin out. They’re naturally found in a lot of fruit products. Because they’re very mild they work better when they’re applied regularly rather than as emergency treatment.

Antioxidants: We’ll try to keep it simple. When the collagen in your skin breaks down it forms wrinkles more easily. One of the things that destroys collagen are unstable oxygen molecules called “free radicals” produced by UV light and a lot of kinds of urban pollution. Antioxidants, as the name suggests, help neutralize those oxygen molecules and keep the skin protected.

These are some of the best general treatments for men’s skin, and they can be found the don body lotion but on top of that the don body lotion has these other ingredients:

  • Allantoin and Citrus limon Extracts making the don body lotion fluid, creamy and non-oily milk to tone up, moisturize and elasticize the skin. Thanks to the richness of his ingredients, delaying the signs of aging. Energizing and strengthening formula with intense masculine perfume pleasantly persisting.

There you have it enough reasons why the Don body lotion is th best body lotion for men in kenya.Buy it here

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