No one likes to spend time with someone who has “the stink.” Therefore, finding the best deodorant for your body type is crucial. Chances are, you haven’t taken the time or the effort in finding the best deodorant. Most Kenyan men take chances when they walk in and buy the “cheapest” or the “most interesting case” in terns of antiperspirant, but this is not how the process of selecting deodorant should go. There are so many types of deodorant in the Kenyan market and elsewhere and we promise that we can help you find the best deodorant for you! If you can’t stop sweating, we’ll push you in the right direction to keep you dry and smell-free by selecting the best deodorant for you!

This men’s deodorant guide will give you advice on the best deodorant  and antiperspirants for Kenyan men who excessively sweat. Plus our guide will educate you on the types of deodorant that are out their in the kenyan skincare market! Don’t know how to properly apply deodorant? We’ll give you how-to directions that will show you step-by-step how to apply. We have also selected the best deodorants for Kenyan men,who have any skin type.

The Best Deodorant For Men

Finding the best deodorant depends on the type that is most effective for your body. You need to know your body, how often it sweats and what reacts best with your skin. There are countless types of deodorant in the Kenyan skincare market for men, so how can you find one that is the best for your body? This guide will walk you through the different types of deodorant, it’s important to know which antiperspirant will be its best on you. The most common types of deodorant are aerosol spray, stick, gel, cream and roll-on liquid. Each type is formulated in its own special way. Some specialize in odor control, others in sweat control and some combine the benefits of both of those, giving you the best of both worlds!

1 Aerosol Spray

Do you consider yourself a sweaty mess during the warm summer months? We all know, it’s unpleasant for you and trust us; it’s unpleasant for anyone within 10 yards of you. The warm, sticky sensation that sweat gives you can put a damper on anyone’s day. If your contemplating which antiperspirant is right for you, you might want to consider aerosol spray. This light and airy spray dry’s almost instantly and most are formulated to last all day.

2 Stick

This is probably the most common type of deodorant you’ve seen while browsing the antiperspirant section of the grocery store, but its important to know if this is the right kind for your skin. Stick deodorant is a heavier type of antiperspirant and can be applied by directly rubbing it under the arms. Although it is not as light as traditional aerosol sprays, stick deodorant is still the old fashioned way to get the job done!

3 Gel

The gel form of deodorant is just as effective as solid stick deodorant in terms of odor control and sweat protection. This is still the second most common type of deodorant product for men. Gel products are usually dispersed through holes at the tip of the bottle. Unlike stick deodorant, gel products do not leave a white residue under the arms. Therefore you can put on that black shirt immediately after applying any gel antiperspirant!

4 Cream

Cream deodorant, is not as widely stocked on shelves, but it is just as effective as any other kind of antiperspirant for men. Cream products usually come in a soft substance and take the form of a lotion or a body butter. Cream deodorants are considered more environmentally friendly than other antiperspirant option because products such as aerosols are considered harmful towards the environment. Cream deodorants also have easier dispensers than others.

5 Roll-on Liquid

Roll-on liquid deodorant is not the most common type of deodorant out there, but we believe that it may serve its purpose in your life. With its smooth and fragrant substance, roll-on liquid may be the best deodorant for men. With just a twist of a cap and a quick roll over the underarms, this roll-on liquid will have you feeling fresh, clean and ready to go in no time. It leaves no colored residue and is tolerated by most skin types.

List Of The Top 5 Best Men’s Deodorants

There are hundreds of different brands and types of deodorant on the shelves of any grocery store, but how can you be sure that you’re picking up the right one for you. First, you need to understand your skin type and how your body reacts in different situations. Are you sweaty, stinky, or a little mixture of both? If so, trust us to give you the guide to find the best deodorant for men who sweat a lot and suffer from the occasional “stink.” You can try our The DON deodorant that for all skin types and stays on all day buy it today..

Whats your best deodorant and why?Please share below..

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