Types of skin cleansers

Types of skin cleansers


There are several aalternatives to soap and water cleansing in the kenyan skincare market – facial cleansers which have been developed for the kenyan woman to deal with cleansing different skin types, and to avoid drying the skin as traditional bar soaps tended to do. Different typesof skin cleansers maybe  in any form such as creams, milks, liquids, foams, oils, gels and lotions. All are basically a mixture of an oil, wax and water but manufacturers modify the formula to suit different skin types – those for dry skins remove less oil from the skin, and may even add some, whilst cleansers for oily skins are designed to remove more oil and add none to the skin. Cream, milk or lotion cleansers are particularly suitable for removing make-up and other solid residues from dry skin. All these are emulsions. They use the dissolving action of oils to remove make-up and other products left on the skin’s surface. At the same time they can be formulated to leave behind a moisturizing (emollient) film, which prevents too drastic a removal of fats from the skin. Facial cleansers should remove oils and other fatty secretions from the sebaceous glands in the skin, but at the same time they should not remove from the stratum corneum the natural lipids like ceramides, which have an important role in preventing an excessive loss of water from the skin.

Types Of Skin Cleansers:

Different types of skin, use different types of cleansers:

1. Normal Skin Cleansers: Normal skin types use cleansers that lather with water. This is the most popular cleanser. The synthetic detergent soaps react better with hard water. Liquid cleansers and soap gels are popular at this time, the advantages, being cleaner dispensers in the bathroom. The cleansing sheets may be used for normal skin as well, the petrolatum is suspended in the water by crystals that dissolve in the last rinse leaving the skin feeling smooth and moist. People with normal skin may enjoy using a loofah-type sponge to clean themselves, these have been sold with some liquid cleansers.

2.Dry Cleansers: Dry skin uses a cream cleanser that moisturizes as it cleans. The use of hard-milled face soaps and gentle synthetic detergents are very appropriate for dry skin. It may be necessary to only use cleansers on the face and body folds, when the ambient humidity is low for example, in the winter or in the south-western United States. There are many liquid cleansers formulated by cosmetic houses as well as products like Cetaphil or Aquanil which are very useful. There are some new products, which incorporate a liquid cleanser in a cleansing sheet, these act to leave on a modicum of petrolatum after the final rinse and have been demonstrated to be effective.

3.Oily Skin Cleansers:Oily skin use a water-based cleanser or a deep cleaning method designed for oily skin types. These slow down the production of oil. both bar soaps and liquid cleansers have been formulated for this purpose. Many of the soap gels and stronger liquid cleansers are helpful for oily skin. Because the skin on the face, chest and back is oilier than the rest of the body, it may be necessary to use one product on these areas, and a more moisturizing product on the arms, legs, hands and feet. Many of the cleansers which are appropriate for acne-prone skin, would be suitable for oily skin.

4.Combination Skin Cleansers: A foaming, gel or lotion cleanser with the correct pH balance could be perfect for combination to dry skin types.

5.Sensitive Skin Cleansers:People with sensitive skin can react easily to fragrance and preservatives, and should avoid mechanical cleansers such as cleansing grains, brushes and loofahs. Most synthetic detergents have the pH balanced favorably for the skin and are well tolerated by sensitive persons. A few liquid cleansers are not irritating, but many interact with the skin because of their additional surfactants. Two non-irritating cleansers are Cetaphil and Aquanil lotions, many of the hard-milled soaps are well tolerated also.

6.Acne Cleansers:Acne cleansers are generally used to remove accumulated oil, make-up, sweat, and dirt on the surface of your skin. In doing so, these products generally make it easier for topical acne treatments to be absorbed. However, excessive use of acne cleansers can also lead to irritated dry skin. Most acne patients will only need to cleanse with such products once to twice daily.

7.Anti-bacterial Cleansers:These are medicated cleansers in which Triclosan is currently the most common active ingredient. For persons in occupations, which demand extra precautions, these products have been helpful. However, for many dermatologists, these products are very drying to the skin and they often contribute to hand and body eczema. Various antibacterial cleansers are available that are of benefit to acne patients, such as Tersaseptic.

8.Mild Cleansers: Different gentle skin cleansers are available for acne, there are several types of mild cleansers that you may use if your skin is irritated or aggravated. There are also several types of specific acne cleansers that you can use for daily skin care. Oil-free and non-comedogenic products are usually advisable. Over cleansing the skin, can cause irritation and may aggravate your skin condition as well as encourage you to use other products that will grease up your skin. This may then complicate your skin care. You may need to use a toner to remove the oil, which in turn may irritate your skin further.

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