Skin Types


Skin Types

Do you know your skin type?

Give your face a thorough cleaning and let it air dry for twenty minutes. Take a tissue and wipe your t-zone area. The amount of oil that shows up on the tissue is your general skin type. More oil? Oily skin. Less Oil? Dry Skin.

Here are the rest of the facts…

Dry Skin is often overlooked but can be problematic too. If you have have dry skin it can feel very patchy and tight after cleaning and be flaky around the cheeks. Dry skin can come off very ashy from dead skin cell build-up,to combat the dullness try lemon skin cleanser

Oily Skin feels weighed down and even with a thorough morning cleansing can become greasy by mid afternoon. With oily skin clogged pores come along with the territory. People with oily skin have to be very cautious of using different products as they cause inflammation.To curb problems like blackheads, pimples and cystic zits from heavy oil build up try lemon cleansing soap.

Oily skin is sensitive so it’s important to rub your face gently to avoid producing more oil. Go over the face with a good astringent to keep oil to a minimum.

Combination Skin or Normal skin has a generally smooth texture with medium pores. Combination skin remains dry along the cheek area while most of the shine lies in the T-zone. This skin type can take most products. No heavy duty work is required so just a light cleansing is suffice.  Focus more on the dry patches of the skin while cleansing and exfoliate more on the T-zone.

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